BIM Philosophy


BIM operations are based on the notion of keeping operational expenses at a minimum and reflecting these savings as discounts to customers. BIM, with its organizational structure, effective cost management practices, and limited product range is the first hard discount practitioner in Turkey. Its hard-discount approach is based on three main pillars:

  • Maintaining a decentralized organizational structure that establishes a dynamic logistics and information network between regional headquarters and stores, for speeding up decision making and implementation processes,
  • Shunning any kind of expenses that could increase product prices; keeping management, store decoration, staff, distribution, marketing and advertising expenses at a minimum,
  • And limiting the product range to around 600 items, allowing efficient quality inspections and providing customers with products at the most affordable prices.

BIM, thanks to its high purchasing power, is Turkey's largest purchaser of the majority of the products it sells. By doing so, it encourages suppliers to manufacture cost efficient and quality products it then orders at reasonable prices. BIM has adopted a thorough and delicate working method for product selection and pricing. Products displayed in the stores are chosen so they cater 80 percent of the basic daily needs of a single family.


BIM believes customer interest is more important than short-term high profits.

BIM provides quality products at the most affordable prices.

BIM customers can return products they are not satisfied with, with no questions asked.

BIM manufactures high quality products specially targeted at its customers.

BIM customers pay only for the product, not the packaging and the brand.

BIM displays products in its boxes and so prevents unnecessary store expenses.

BIM rents stores at the most affordable rates and the closest locations to its customers.

BIM does not invest in excessive adverts that would increase product prices.

BIM stores are furnished in the most possible austere way

BIM stores employ just the right amount of employees needed for providing uninterrupted service.

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