Quality Assurance

1- Our unconditional return policy allows us to keep customer interest as our highest priority. You can return a product you purchased from us anytime and without a reason, with the receipt and your credit card slip.

2- Our logo “Our quality is what we assure” has been our motto since our foundation.

3- The quality of the products sold in our stores is as important as the price. Our procurement department tests the quality and conformity of each and every product before offering them for sale. Quality control is also constantly upheld during the sale process itself.

4- We work in coordination with public and private laboratories to monitor the quality control of our product range. Products sold at BIM stores undergo chemical and biological tests at these laboratories who also do thorough on-site inspections of manufacturing sites.

5- BIM has adopted the principle of constantly providing its customers with safe and the most affordable products on time while also adopting a company policy of constantly developing its food safety approach.

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